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Feminist Futures - group exhibition -


Prototypes for a Feminist Future – Tangent Projects, Project 7

Featuring works by Mariadela Araujo, Ana Huerta, Irma Marco, Kiara Mohamed, Katy B Plummer

and Marina Rubio.

May 4th – 31st, Bien Cuadrado Gallery, Carrer Ataülf 14, Barcelona.

Opening reception Friday May 3rd, 7:30pm. All welcome.

“We keep losing women to participation in the system, instead of where they should be, which is

insubordination. The idea that you can make the strongest impact by influencing culture from the

inside is naive at best, disingenuous at worst.” - Why I am Not a Feminist, Jessa Crispin

Feminism is currently a very confused thing.

On the one hand, feminism has become a buzzword used by global fashion brands to sell clothing-

with slogans proclaiming female solidarity. This is seemingly regardless of the ethics of mass-

produced t-shirts which are predominantly made by women* working in horribly impoverished

conditions . Wearing a t-shirt with a feminist slogan that was made by exploited women has nothing

to do with empowerment and everything to do with perpetuating women’s subjugation.

Not only does Ivan k a Trump claim to be a feminist, but also, that her father Donald Trump- a self

confessed sexual abuser- is one as well. The Spanish centre right party Ciudadanos has produced a

“liberal feminist” manifesto that doesn’t offer any initiatives or answers, just hollow soundbites and

the repetitive use of the word “equality”.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a yearning for a radical feminism that will demand

institutional changes not as insiders but as the dissenting opposition. At the same time, radical

feminism is also accused of refusing the right of sexual agency for women and, more recently, many

of the champions of 2nd wave feminism have refused to acknowledge transgender and non binary

people’s existence, let alone their rights.

In order to navigate through this messy tangle, I believe we need an intersectional movement that

doesn’t negate the experiences of any that refer to themselves as women/wimmin/womyn/womxn,

but instead implements the simple yet progressive act of open-minded listening. We need to be

brave and open to criticism, our capacity for growth should not be restricted by our fragility. We

need a living ideology because culture and society are fluid and ever evolving.

Because of this, it is clear that resistance and insubordination are needed more than ever. It is no

longer enough to be offered a seat at any table or to dream of smashing the glass ceiling; these

patriarchal structures were not built for us and it is time to create our own.

With this in mind, 6 women artists (4 local and 2 international) have been selected to work on this

exhibition as precursor to opening the new Tangent Projects Gallery, which will open in June 2019

with a run of solo shows and projects by these same women artists.

*Young women make up approximately two thirds of garment workers worldwide and 80% of them are aged between

18-24. They are some of the most underpaid workers in the world, with most barely making subsistence level incomes.

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